Praise God

  We use these words a lot, but rarely participate in it. We sing songs in church and lift our hands to God, but in our personal walk we seldom if ever spend time simply praising God. You may pray daily, but this isn’t the same. When we pray we are asking God for things we need, whether spiritual or natural, and this is a powerful and important part of our relationship with God. But how often do you tell God that you love him and thank him for what he’s done. Before you tell him what you need, or what you want, tell him how wonderful he is.

  You will change your walk with God if you begin to praise him simply because you love him. According to the scripture, we enter his gates with Thanksgiving and his courts with praise (Psalms 100-4) therefore, we need to praise him before all else. It is through praise we develop an intimate relationship with God.

  If you want to walk in the presence God, begin to praise him all day long. The Bible tells us that he inhabits the praises of his people (Psalms 22-3). Even when things seem to be going wrong we can change our outlook and attitude if we begin to praise him. Sometimes when things are at there worst, we need to be at our best. These are the times when praise becomes a sacrifice (Hebrews 13-15). When we can set aside our fleshly anger and frustration and praise God in the midst of our worst trials and storms we will begin to change our entire walk with God. Because our praise in the trials of life show our faith in God.

  Today, start spending time with God without asking for anything. Worship and praise him for who he is and the gifts he has given you. He chose you to have a relationship with, surely salvation is reason enough to praise our God.

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